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NEWS: Exclusive Interview with Sasha Sleek

NEWS: Exclusive Interview with Sasha Sleek

Welcome to StarsNaija EXclusive Interview with Miss Shasha Sleek

StarsNaija: Welcome to StarsNaija once more Shasha Sleek.

When did music begin for you, when did you discover you had passion for music??

Shasha Sleek : I discovered my passion for music at the age of 10 and that was when i wrote my first song. I recorded my first track when i was 16 years old back then in secondary school

How has the journey into music been for you? Has it been rough or nice?

Shasha Sleek : Honestly its not been easy at all. Especially as an independent artiste. I have to fund my music career by myself and u know how the economy is especially for me a student. But i cant deny the fact that so far i’ve achieved a lot even thou i am not where i want to be.

Is Shasha Sleek currently signed to any record label?

Shasha Sleek : Currently i am not officially signed under any record label. But i tend to represent Icon Studios an upcoming record label in the Metropolitan city of Abuja.

Have you ever had any embarrassing stage performance?

Shasha Sleek : Yes i have but i tend to rise above it because it comes with the whole package.

How do you plan to grow your brand ??

Shasha Sleek : Growing my brand would require a lot of funding and support from bloggers, DJs, radio stations and the entertainment market in general. I plan to associate with the above mentioned items in as many ways as i can because i need to support, the funding and the promotion to get where i am going to.

Tell us about your relationship status?

Shasha Sleek : i am currently in a relationship.

How then do you manage your male fan, cos as a celebrity men would always flock around you?

Shasha Sleek : its not a problem at all. Achieving success comes with inculcating discipline into my daily routine.

StarsNaija: What have you archived so far in your music part of life?

Shasha Sleek : Well i would like to say ive achieved alot but still not enough. Ive released many songs which have been aired on radio stations and promoted on some major blogs by my publicist DJ Sean. Ive constantly worked with AceWorldTeam to achieve publicity and fame. But as i said earlier, there’s still alot of work to do.

What do you think has made your sounds different from that of other artistes?

Shasha Sleek : It is the life i give to the music which cannot be given by any other person. My style of delivery, punchlines, the depth of my lyrics and the careful selection of beats and instrumentals i use for my songs.

Where do you see yourself in few years to come?

Shasha Sleek : i see myself excelling because i believe that with my talent, determination and consistency, many doors will open.

When are we expecting another single or probably an album from You Shasha Sleek ?

Shasha Sleek : My EP titled “Beautiful Surprises” would be dropping on May 12th 2018 to mark my birthday. It will be available on major digital stores like amazon, spotify, itunes, boom player etc.

StarsNaija: wow! That’s gonna be a big one coming up from Sasha Sleek.
Thanks for being part of this show, please do have a wonderful working week.

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