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NHMF 2.0 Theme song: who nailed it, who messed up?

NHMF 2.0 Theme song: who nailed it, who messed up?

The most anticipated in Nasarawa state this year is unarguably NHMF 2.0 Theme song, it features various artistes and was produced by Jah Bwai.
The song which was supposed to be out before the event came out after the event. That only raised a concerned as to why the song is not out yet, some said “the song is a flop that is why Egbon(NHMF Convener) has decided not to let it out.”
During the event in Akwanga-Nasarawa State before they performed the Theme Song, Egbon made it know the reason behind the delay, that it was intentional.
“The reason why we decided not to release this song is because of myself, I download songs and delete them after listening for the first time because they are not good.
“When you hear the song here first, if you like it you can go look for it online to download” Egbon said.
Anyway, the song is out with over eight hundred(800) downloads and everyone is attesting to its ‘dope-ness’.
There is a saying that “a kitchen of different chefs, there is Judas”
NHMF 2.0 Theme song: who nailed it, who messed up?
On lyrics, vocal and delivery,
ClemzyBoss took the lead. His message is based on knowing the dangers of drug abuse and he couldn’t keep it to him self but to ‘speak’, follow by;
J.O.B who took the last verse. From Lyrics to delivery, the guy goes on two patterns and yet came out lit.
Danitto could have own this song entirely with his style but he has a challenge that keep repeating in almost all his songs. He’s not vocal, it take a good listener to hear and understand what he is saying.
Elbo ‘stewed’ the song and make it inclusive for people who don’t understand the English language.
Suspi always know where to go whenever you give him a beat to voice on.
He took the first verse and went straight to the ghetto where drugs are mainly abused with ‘their language’, Patwa.
Tyana with the golden voice as if she sat down with LY and they both wrote the song.
Nasprince came out one of the top doppest in the song with delivery.
Allen Jackxon falls under ClemzyBoss chipping in a popular phrase by Victor Ad, “if we no get money wetin we gain”
Mac Fab with the lyrics came in with poor delivery, below expectation.
Asheazi Aga and Agbutun are excluded, Asheazi Aga is the brain behind the entire song, she wrote the chorus(perhaps the only part you can sing at first hearing) and it was also reported that she inspired this year’s theme “Face it all together”
And Agbutun is on the guitar string you hear all through and the male voice on the chorus.

The song is a top notch, as produced and engineered by Jah  Bwai.
Download and enjoy below.

[DOWNLOAD] NHMF Theme song ft. Various artistes


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