Nasarawa artistes and their social media fake lifestyle

A lot of Nasarawa artistes are living the celebrity fake life on social media to impress followers, this is not just a sickness for Nasarawa entertainment industry alone, it happens everywhere but our focus will be on the Nasarawa artiste today.

Perhaps it will not be noticeable if Nasarawa was other big states like Jos, Abuja etc.

Nasarawa artistes portray a different image on social media while their normal daily life is not worth talking about and this has affected the industry negatively. Example of such person is Jahbro(apologies).

The state is so small that you can’t do anything in secret. We also have those who do have the guts to stop a lady but they celebrate ladies birthdays on social media every week.

Jahbro did not only fall in this category, he’s also full of pride as if he’s got it all. Let’s talk a bit more about Jahbro.

Jahbro won the just concluded NEINA AWARDS for the best collaboration of the year in his song, ‘Tusa’ featuring Ozee, he is also an English student- University of Jos, Plateau state.

It is expected that an English student in the university who is also an NCE holder to spell simple words correctly, reverse is the case here.
Because of this kind of lifestyle they give songs below expectation.

To be continued…

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