Egbon Barnie shares his Top 10 Nasarawa artistes[See list]

Few hours Mr Barnabas A. Usman popularly known as Egbon Barnie shared a post on Facebook about his top artiste in the state, here it is.

He wrote

“In no particular order my top 10 Nasarawa Artistes:
– Suspi – Style
– Elbo – Consistency
– Ozee – Consistency
– Danitto – Hip Hop Rep
– Allen Jackxon – Promising
– J Prinz – Content and Consistency
– Shekz – Creativity and consistency
– Asheazi Aga – Content and
– LY – Lyrics and content
-Nas T Breed – Creativity and lyrics”

He also gave a supplementary Li’s of other ten artiste who should have also made the list or perhaps if the list was top twenty(20).

1. IQ – Should be in top 10. Has some good songs, top top song writer.
2. Ace Alaba – We need to hear him more. Anticipate ready tonight, go download Monster
3. Tima – Should be in top 10. Consistency and attitude on stage is super.
4. Tyana – We never hear this one. She’s got a lot behind her voice.
5. Delmotunez – We never hear this one. He has some good songs (Suseyin, Femi & anticipate Omokekere)
5. Mac Fab – should be in top 10. Complete artiste and the biggest artiste that supports entertainment growth in Nasarawa state
7. Nas Prince – Rap Prince. We need to hear him more.
8. Consistent – Nasarawa hip hop head. Need to hear him more.
9. Mic Man – Should be in top 10. Has some really good songs. Talented.
10. Ninx B – Should be in my top 10. I didn’t bother to rate him. Most Nasarawa people no sabi this one”

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