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Modern way of choosing a domain name for your website

Either you want to start your own blog or a website for your brand, company, organizations or even churches, you can’t run away from the name called domain.

Over the past decade, the number of domain names registered globally has nearly doubled to 352 million, About 40% of those—141 million—end in .com.

It is difficult for individual or businesses to get their desired domain today unlike the past. You will be surprised to see that the name you think its not existing has already be taken. many first-time entrepreneurs don’t know the strategy behind choosing a domain name that will give them strong brand recognition while performing well in search-engine results. A great expansion in the types of extensions available—including the availability of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) such as .yoga or .actor—beyond traditional ones like .net only adds to the confusion. yes. that’s what we want to discuss here.

Given all of the competition, yet seemingly endless possibilities, how do you choose a domain name that’s right for your business?

Short and Recallable

For branding and simple recall value, aim for a short domain name. “People are bombarded with website addresses every day,” Asher Jocos, Founder Hub Media Group says. “If you want somebody to remember you, it has to be catchy, brandable and short. That’s why we moved from to


Reflect your business

Make sure whatever domain name you choose closely ties to your business—whether it’s your business name (“”) or what you sell or do. A reflective name will only help when people look for your business online.

Test it out

Before you settle on a particular domain, try it out. Try testing a potential domain name with family and friends. Do they know how to spell and write it correctly without you telling them? After a few days, can they recall the name?

Check its availability

Before you get too attached to a particular domain name, make sure you can actually buy it. You can go to any online registrar, includingNamecheap, Google Domains or GoDaddy, to see what’s available. (Keep in mind that registrars have different pricing and features, so you’ll want to choose accordingly in determining the registrar you go with.)

You want to make sure that your website can be easily found both by your customers and your prospective customers—and that means balancing a lot of things, including memorability, branding, price and availability.


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