Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

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Do You Know Nicki Minaj’s Mother sings too?

Nicki Minaj isn’t the only musically talented person in her family, her mother is stepping onto the music scene with the upbeat pop soul track What Makes You.

With the perfect song for all things inspirational, Mama Carol as shes affectionately called, has emerged with a feel-good anthem for the next 100 summers as the lead and title track for her upcoming EP.

Drawing on her gospel roots and history surviving domestic abuse, Carol is dedicating a portion of the profits from the the song to CMF Carol Maraj Foundation for the advocacy and aid of victims of domestic violence.

Carol Maraj previously known for her Gospel recordings is reinventing her sound with new Soul Pop/ Gospel renditions. These records are sure to draw the attention of both young and mature audiences.

The mother of Mega Rap Star Nicki Minaj, Carol has a genetic musical predisposition. Having collaborated with her daughter on her very own play “It is well with my soul” Carol is eager to break through the pop super star barriers as a solo artist.

Debuting her new smash single “That’s What Makes You”you’re sure to be transported to a late 90’s -00’s house vibe with the uncontrollable urge to dance. Carol has allocated that a percentage of all record sales go toward the CMF Carol Maraj Foundation to be used for the advocacy and aid of victims of domestic violence.

Carol is a well-known philanthropist in the domestic violence advocacy community. She has utilized her platform to bring awareness to the struggles that many face in silence. She knows the life all too well, being a domestic violence survivor hersf.

And for all those asking what her famous daughter thinks? Lets just say Nicki knows a hit when she hears one.

Download “What Makes You” By Carol Maraj

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