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Danitto – Best Rapper in La [+ Lyrics]

Exactly a week ago Danitto dropped #BRIL (Best Rapper In LA). Only few persons talked about it, perhaps, the way the way it released.

Like myself, a lot of persons took it for a diss but how many persons have listened to this song? OK, here’s the song with its lyrics.

Danitto have also challenged every rappers “who’s got bars” to go reply him.

Check it out.

[DOWNLOAD] Danitto - Best Rapper In LA (BRIL)



Never get involved all you could do is pray about it
Is been a year and the culture all of you against it
Afro beats turned ur selling point of course deny it
Here to set the records straight watch me achieve it

Best Rapper in LA oh yeah the shit amazing
They ain doing it for the culture they all clout chasing
Check the profit margin the shit is maximazing
Tell your bitch to stay off my dick and stop demanding

Give birth to you allow you do the baby sitting
Learning through hard way will make you never disappoint me
Telling me rap won’t sell is like saying Jay Z you ain match for Beyonce, this shit amaze me

About to get it done
put the on switch
Brought my life clips in words as I wrote script
Grab the mic and face the crowd the life I chose bitch
Decision made at teen age that’s my life shit

About to feed on the soul of rappers around me
Cutleries in my hands damn you can’t stop me
Showing off cards with no poker face I see hate
you jokers With mean face why You applauding me

Disconnect me from the wave
See me like tsunami came
My IQ on a scale can’t be measured even with a spell
Beat your imagination toast a coin I get the head
Wish me well I never lose in darkest hour i propel
I can tell they only need me when they seek my help to pass the trail I rather drive to hell than see you loose with my ideas
Dream chaser with the tales behind bars chasing dreams
for justice to prevail
no one left me a pell

Living with demons that lure you to act evil
Not to be a devil’s advocate, G grab the crucifix

If music speaks my verses on the beat turn to your bible since it saves the soul believe me it gon speak for your survival

On my knees
Standing taller than your favorite rapper
Pull up in an uber scaring When I pass like ghost riders
Your best rapper I’m his ghost writer
Walking like the wave I never fall when they strike they all gone (gun) missing

on the mic I drop bars with finesse to get my game erected with no blow job or masturbating
Now I’m splitting pains
Hungry for success
How I use the pen to make my notes running pass corner stores
Starring looking at the best things which I cant afford

Pop need me a wife music cuddle than my ex you know
My pen bleed feeling so depressed no one acknowledged it
My views with perfect lenses got my vision through ahead of me
Check the catalog my circle tight like a co sign
Celebrate no loses already i’m cursed with success
funny how it is a joke thinking I’m still in ur league
Your match fixing gon begging
No payout you a loser

Pray in my crib having conversation with God
don’t wanna sit along with hypocrites in church
Don’t judge me you ain’t no where even close to God
They all pretenders decided not to get align with vipers
Idiomatic phrases
My tongue blaze Expression in words

Best Rapper in LA
Other rappers clout chasing

High Class.

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