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[Audio + Lyrics] Snix6 – Not Just BRIL (Danitto Diss)

The Industry is getting hotter as Snix6 reply Danitto “Best Rapper In LA”

The response saw Snix6 spitting some raw truth about Danitto.

Listen and criticize.

[DOWNLOAD] Snix6 - Not Just BRIL (Danitto Diss)




Sometimes you wake up and feel you’re the best rapper
Hahahaha no hard feelings no malice am just tryna address some wack rappers
I heard someone said he’s the best rapper in LA!!?
Not just best rapper in LA!!

First Verse:
You are not what You not.
Who you think you are not
how u become d best rapper is just u and your God.
Talk about what you gat bro
Not about what you are not.
Really I don’t think you really no what rap is about.
You said you are the best but I can see you right on the ground.
You dropping too many wack flows u said this is underground?
You not even bold enough to say ur the best in ur state
You no wen u talk about that you no many rappers will relate
I no you might be thinking you already have a fanbase
You think that LA is safer bro you just pick the wrong base.
You no we have too many talents but you can’t just no
You need 2 settle down  and think before you run up your nose.
Talk about IQ billa Bangz the man with too many flows.
B cidi, ace,  ice lolly, faree, consistent,
you no..
Being da best is not by you going to studio and beg.
but you think of being best brother you gat to invest.
You always like a cheap production and u settle 4 less
tell me u rapping for your self
Or who you tryna impress
Bfore you answer me somebody pls go call me dah press
am Sick and tired of this, this might be a lyrical mess.

Second Verse:

FOG use to be d crew everybody will like to role with.
Not until you started messing up your flows is getting so wick.
And thats the reason Suspi been getting more likes and more views.
Adamnice been doing nice and everybody been feeling good
Mantexy, oww Daniel sparks thats the chief of dah mic.
Am just telling you the truth I don’t mean you to be freight
I Hope my lyrics and punches will neva cause any fight.
but this is just the only way that you can cope up in life
The only time I feel ur flows is when you put on FB.
Or mayb too many platforms am let’s talk about the IG
I no your friends and ur people Will tell you not to reply.
and you Will listen Cus you I no u ain’t gat any bars
IF I were u I will just leave music and switch to football.
Your local raps on instrumental men it gives me Turmor

You said you rap for the culture
I guess your mean agriculture
The only time you have the chance to put your city on city map.
You JUST messed up everything then Henesy shut up your mouth.
I wonder why your fans can never even tell you the truth.
You been rolling with fake brothers you messing the hood.
The respect is not on your face but rather now on ur name.
Or maybe wen all this your so called fans of yours will see you on stage.
Without any grief on my mind bro am taking it easy.
I don’t care if you itching.
Strange words am giving
You said you are the best other rappers cloud chasing..
I guess by now you should have known whose really cloud chasing.



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