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Doublet – Only One Man (Danitto Diss) + Lyrics

The “real rappers” are angry Danitto has come out to brag about nothing, naming himself the best in LA.

In the past weeks, the industry has been on fire as to who is the best rapper in LA, other rappers took their diss to say they were the best but Doublet has come out to tell us he has found the best.

Doublet proves his lyrical prowess as he pieces the self acclaimed “BEST” for Ace Alaba.



[DOWNLOAD] Doublet - Only One Man (Danitto Diss)



– intro
Naw, ,tih

-best rapper in LA..
-we go make am for this industry isha allah..
-i see rappers contesting for rap..
-forgetting before you be a rapper bro, you got this task..
-nitto made you step up nice courage….
-but this shouldn’t give you the courage to follow his footage..
-he was thinking Hennessey contest was all it is…
-no Nitto what matters is the role you play within..
-how can you be the best rapper in Lafia..
-clearly to you there are still upcoming mafians…
-who can be the best…
-i believe they can still beat the rest,…
-they wont relent until they have got you murdered as their guest….
-who is this best rapper…
-made my research and i found out Ace Alaba..
-one thing with this guy he never raised up his shoulder…
-despite the fact his flows burns, a deaf man knows that….
-listen am not here to do this brag nitto…
-am only here to give you factors of facts…
-snix6 your points were cool, challe i wish i could dab….
-but this is hip hop you know the beat is black…
-ace a guy i wanna work with at all cost….
-i hope he approves, to you my lyrics might be too poor…
-but how can i achieve that when i have no money in my damn purse….
-if ace had a crime just let him be come get me handcuffed..
-who am i talking to..
-a question am hitting straight to you but its coming soon….
-dont get this twisted, i can murder you with my pen view,……
-or sorry Ace i wasn’t talking to you…

– i was talking to that jaydannitto who claims to be cool…..
-to that dude, who compare lightbulb to a moon….
-to that rapper, thinking opposite of mouth to be spoon….
-dont call me god, heal you from rap flaws is all i do…
-dope shits you saw the proves…..ahhhhh
am not here to diss



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