Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

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Mc Kuvuki dating Nasarawa Queen Love Andrew?

Mc Kuvuki dating Nasarawa Queen Love Andrew?

Mc Kuvuki & Queen Love Andrew; What is going on between this two guys?

If you have been following the two recently, you will notice the bound beyond ‘just friends’ between the both.

As Comedy X-ray 3.0 draw closer, we took a deep view into the life of Mc Kuvuki. Looking at what has been happening recently, one will agree without doubt Mc Kuvuki is dating sitting Miss ambassador for peace Northern-Nigeria, Queen Love Andrew.

However, a close friend has said “Mc Kuvuki has a girlfriend he’s been dating for the past 7years and are planning to get married”. But one would wonder, ‘did Mc Kuvuki broke up with Dj Berry for Love?’ That we don’t know.

Comedy X-ray 3.0 with Mc Kuvuki comes soon, keep your fingers crossed as we unfold the full gist.

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